Make Yourself Happy: How To Be HAPPIER Instantly

look most people think that in order to become happy beyond belief to be in a fun loving attitude they need money as if the secret to happiness was having all the fancy items a nice car a big house in a healthy bank account but if that were true then that would mean that everyone who's rich or successful or had tons of money would be happy and that would also mean that everyone who is poor would be sad but clearly that isn't the case right i mean at times you even see celebrities take their own lives so clearly having money it doesn't equate to being happy and the worst part is most people they follow this broken formula for happiness to keep chasing or pursuing these big goals in life so that they can become happy not even realizing it's that mental state that's keeping them sad you see you see true happiness it comes from having the right perspective on life that's why the same thing could happen to two different people you know for example let's say person two people go and buy lunch they both drop it on the floor well person one they might rage at the world and go god dang it of course this is happening this is just how my day has been going this is how my week's been going they could curse and swear at the world and let it ruin their mood let it ruin their peace of mind now person two they might have a better perspective and go oh man look how clumsy i am all right well i'll go get another one notice the same thing happened to both these people but how they perceived this event and their mood it was completely different and it isn't that these people were born with anything different from each other they're both human but what one has versus the other is that they've acquired the mind of a conqueror they have a positive perspective on life as they go throughout their day they don't let small things tick them off like a bomb they choose the positive over the negative thinking and the reality is there's always a positive in a negative event if you see something as a negative there is a way to frame it as a positive and when you start continually thinking you know what let me back that up because you're probably thinking okay what are you what are you talking about so a little over a year ago one of my best friends died and i remember thinking to myself i was like all right well i i kind of felt obviously i was devastated and sad and stuck and i was thinking i was like well i should take my own advice there's always a positive in the negative and while i was again devastated my friend passed away i started to think what's a positive i could take away from this and i realized i was like i was so caught up in the motions of life that i hadn't talked to this friend in a while and that i should start valuing my friendships more so because of him passing away i used this as a lesson a lesson to reach out to more of my friends to ask them if they need help with anything and just to catch up now again obviously that's an extreme example but that goes to prove and show you that there's always a positive in an event i don't care what it is there is a positive you can take away and the thing is once you start to value the positive of over the negative and every time a negative thing happens to you if you reframe that and think of the positive and do it for a month straight you're going to notice you just habitually think positively over negatively and when that happens your mood's going to get elevated you're simply going to be in a a better mood where you can joke around with the girl you have a crush on or your friends and family and because of that when you have a positive mood and a positive outlook on life you're going to notice that your social life grows like a fire that's being lathered in gasoline because look everyone loves to be around happiness and others who radiate happiness i mean you don't like to go i mean you don't want to go hang out with someone that's grumpy and irritable all the time right they bring your mood down no of course not you want to be around people that are happy and everyone does so when you use this key secret and start acquiring the mind of a conqueror you start looking at the positive over the negative you're going to notice you become happier and it's like a snowball effect you just build momentum in your life and i'm telling you guys all it takes is one month of this so what i challenge you to do is the next time that something negative happens in your life look for the positive now with all that being said i have a favor to ask you would you please subscribe to this channel and like this video if you found value in it others will too and when you start liking and subscribing this content it helps us reach more people it helps us improve the lives of others and the fact that you're this far in the video shows me that you belong with us you're willing to put in the work to improve yourself you refuse to live a mediocre life so go ahead hit the subscribe and like 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