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Have you ever had one of those days where you woke up completely exhausted, found it hard to think clearly or to be happy?

If so, how much did that negatively impact your day?

If you’re like me, you probably found that on those days, you weren’t as productive as usual. In fact, that day might have felt like you were just pushing through rather than being present and truly enjoying life.

And trust me... I know all about these days...

You see, I once fell into a vicious cycle where everyday was a struggle or battle just to be happy, productive or even feel like myself.

In fact, I remember being in a constant grumpy and irritable state where the smallest thing would tick me off like a bomb.

And being in this place sucks because it affected my entire social life.

Instead of being in a fun-loving attitude where I was joking with my friends, coworkers & family I was just in a dampened mood and would pick fights with everyone, which clearly isn’t fun for me or my friends and ultimately resulted in my social life diminishing... which made me feel even worse about myself.

Not to mention doing simple errands like going to the grocery store, felt like running a marathon because I was always so exhausted. And when I got to this point, I noticed that my actions didn’t help me get to the life I want. Instead of being productive, tackling my to do list & inching my life closer to where I wanted it to be, I found myself becoming a potato couch and letting my life rot away like an old piece of fruit.

And after weeks of this process on repeat it felt like I had lost all control of my life. It was almost like I was running my life in autopilot mode where I was just going through the motions of life rather than doing things that bring me joy or fulfill me on a deep level. Eventually I got to a point where I wasn’t happy with what my life looked like.

I was left asking myself...

“Is this really all that my life has amounted to?”

“Am I going to keep feeling this terrible about myself for the rest of my life?”

“What is my life going to look like in 1, 2 or even 3 years from now if i don’t change anything?”

“And Is that deep feeling in my gut that’s telling me i'm on the wrong path in life, going to continue growing like a tumor?

Now, when I hit this point in my life, I realized I had two options. Option 1 was to give up on my potential and just keep living the same life i’ve been living. And Option 2 was to fight for my potential... to FIGHT for the life I always imagined i’d have.

Luckily, I chose that second route. I started studying how evolution, biology & psychology has crafted our body & brain. I discovered the hidden powers of evolution that have been handed down through generations but have been lost along the way.

Simply put, I found specific workouts & certain foods & eating strategies that would change me on a cellular level so that my energy levels, mental alertness, productivity & happiness would all launch up like a nasa rocket!

Now, I put all this ancient wisdom into the new era of health 3 step system and I applied it to my life. The results were UNREAL!

I began waking up completely rejuvenated, in a fun-loving attitude & had laser focus where I simply took action throughout my day. All my internal battles to do the things that would improve my life, evaporated into thin air. And the best part was that every single day I woke up, I was more happy, ambitious, confident & capable than the day before! I simply felt UNSTOPPABLE!

Now, fast forward 4 years and here I am in front of you running a business around my passion to turn ambitious men, like you, into conquerors who take what they want in life!

I’m finally living the life I imagined i’d have when I was a kid. The life where i’m as powerful & capable as super-achievers like David Goggins, Mark Cuban & joe rogan. And this only happened because in the new era of health 3 step system. You see, when you harness the power of evolution, biology & psychology, like we do in the new era of health, you’re tapping into how you are hardwired as a human to change yourself on a cellular level to become more POWERFUL.

Simply put, you’re sending your body & brain potent signals to boost your mental alertness, energy, productivity, confidence & happiness so that you become the best possible version of yourself and accomplish as much as you can EVERY SINGLE DAY!

But look, I don’t want to keep talking your ear off so if you are an ambitious man who knows you’re destined for greatness and is ready to prove it, then i invite you to check out the new era of health 3 step system by clicking the link around this video!


Adam Lucero is a total human optimization expert. He has spent years of his life studying how our ancestors lived, how humans have evolved and more importantly what foods and exercises will change you on a cellular level so that you feel, think, look & perform like a greek conqueror!


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