The Motivational Industry Is Keeping You Stuck! (The Bitter Truth)

so have you ever told yourself that you were going to do something that would improve your life like maybe you told yourself that you were going to work out consistently eat healthy consistently or be productive consistently if so let me guess what happened probably started out fantastic you were doing whatever it was you told yourself that you're going to do and you're feeling good about yourself because of it i mean when you start to improve yourself in the direction of your life you feel fantastic you gain internal belief in confidence so after a few days of you sticking to your word you were feeling on top of the world you're excited but then one day you got tired or you weren't feeling motivated or maybe you're just really busy and you told yourself well i've been doing a great job i deserve one day off so you took that day off and then tomorrow when it came time to do that activity again well you probably uh didn't stick to your word right and then that happened that one day it turned into another day and another day until you found yourself back into your old sabotaging patterns of feeling down on yourself maybe some anxiety depression and ultimately feeling terrible about yourself i mean no matter how badly you want to change your life no matter how many times you try and how motivated and dedicated you are you can't seem to get there for some reason in fact it might even feel like you have a mental barrier a weight holding you back something a mental roadblock now the reality is that nothing is wrong with you you're just following a broken formula which is why you haven't gotten the results that you want yet and it's not your fault i say this because it's the motivational industry they're feeding us lives left and right they're telling us that all it takes in order to change our life is more willpower and motivation but look when has relying on willpower or motivation ever produce the results you wanted if it produced the results you wanted you wouldn't be watching this video right now so clearly it hasn't gotten you the life that you want and the reason why it doesn't work is because it's going against how your brain is programmed how you're hard wired to operate now let me back up and explain here basically you have two parts of your brain you have the left or conscious mind in the right or subconscious mind technically you have a third part limbic system but for the sake of this video we're going with those two parts now 90 to 95 of the decisions that you make in your entire day they're actually made with your subconscious mind

now look i'm gonna pause for a minute here and you're probably thinking well adam that sounds kind of ridiculous 90 to 95 of my decisions i'm not even consciously making okay but have you ever had one of those times to let's say after work or maybe after school you're really tired and you're driving home and there's some traffic there and you're just kind of you start to zone out and then 10 minutes later all of a sudden you're just magically back home well you probably were wondering how the heck did i even get here i wasn't consciously driving and you're right you weren't consciously driving your subconscious mind got you there and how your subconscious mind gets you to take action is through your habits now think about it your habits control your life i mean that's you like live the same morning routine as you get up and get ready for work and drive the same route to work every day drive the same route back every time and that's how humans operate and the reason why that happens is our brain our subconscious mind actually sees these habits as a survival mechanism it sees it as protecting your life and that's why they're so hard to break because the number one goal of evolution in our biology is to survive long enough to procreate those that's our genes ultimate goal now the brain sees those habits as helping you survive so obviously it's they're they're tough to break it's the point i'm trying to get at here now and you probably realize that that's why you fall off your new year's resolution every single time now you're probably thinking okay well habits are hard to break i already knew that so how do i combat this so that you actually do change your life and the answer is ultimately going to be enforced action and for a new habit now i know you're thinking like oh cool adam that sounds easy like i if i like if i could just consciously change my mind and form a new habit i would have done it already you know so let's take it a step further what needs to happen before you tell yourself that you're going to do something is you need to first change your beliefs and understand what's going to happen if you don't change your life how are you going to feel in three months from now if you're still in the same exact place that you are right now where you have this feeling in your gut that's telling you that you're on the wrong path in life where you wake up and you're not excited for the day you have fear anxiety maybe some depression in there you feel like your life is rotting away well if that's already bugging you and you're it's already destroying your happiness and the quality of your life how do you think you're going to feel in three months from now if you're still living in the same exact place probably a lot worse so you need to understand what's going to happen because once you understand what the consequences of your actions or lack of actions i should say guess what you're going to gain internal motivation not this rah-rah motivation where you go watch a youtube video and has good music has inspiring words and that day you're motivated not that bs i'm talking about internal motivation because you understand that if you don't commit and form this new habit your life is going to spiral downwards and it's likely been doing this for a while now look what we do inside the new era of health we how we combat this and how we change your beliefs we get you committed and we make sure that you form the habits this is what we call acquiring the mind of a conqueror it's the ultimate system for you to create real change now we have every conqueror every ambitious man like you acquire the mind of a conqueror now the other thing is though we're all about total human optimization because the more optimized you are the more you can achieve in life the more you can achieve in life the better you're going to feel about yourself the more happier confident and capable person you're going to be and so what we do is after you acquire the mind of a conquer you can start to create successfully create real change in your life then we have you work out and eat like a conqueror simply put we're having you eat specific foods apply secret eating strategies and workouts that are gonna enable you to gain boundless energy like a kid on a playground or it's gonna elevate your mental alertness so that you think clearly like the guy in limitless and it's gonna enhance your mood and the reason for that is you're going to get optimal hormone levels so that you simply feel fantastic now a lot of people they know hormones are important but they don't know to the actual extent but i want you to think about someone who takes steroids they often get what's called roid rage right get really grumpy irritable and snap at the smallest thing it takes them off like a bomb well that's because they have a boosted testosterone level and their hormones are imbalanced and when your hormones aren't in balance you aren't balanced you aren't optimized in fact you're really unoptimized that's why those people with royal rage they're not enjoyable to be around no one's they're not even enjoying themselves when they're in that state you know now when you work out and eat like a conqueror you're going to get boundless energy so that you can tackle your to-do list be more productive in your day you're going to gain insane mental clarity so that you can think clearly remember things on the spot crack jokes on the spot you know so it's these three steps that are going to get you to become your best possible self now i want to tell you why i know this is gonna be so profound or has such a profound effect on your life see this right here a little scar somewhere or that one or that one yeah someone came behind me with a chef knife and stabbed me that one went halfway through my throat so hold on here

see this knife right here halfway through my throat punctured my lung down here and look you can even see my chest is like indented right here like it's pretty crazy that's because stab me here i don't know what caused that goddess scar right there now i should have died and while i didn't and i'm super grateful to be alive and was i woke up seven days later in an induced coma and my body didn't work my legs forgot how to work i was so low on energy and so tired that i'd have to nap halfway through eating a meal and on top of it my brain couldn't solve a simple equation like 11 times 11 and when i tried to rebuild myself up again i was falling into that trap that you probably fell into where you tell yourself you're going to change your life but you don't successfully do it and you feel bad about yourself because of it and then i started learning brain science and how the brain works and long story short i started sticking to my word and only after i started sticking to my word did i successfully work out and adhere to my nutrition plan but then i had to study nutrition and how to use nutrition and fitness to change yourself on a cellular level so that you well you're really just changing how your genes are expressed is ultimately what it comes down to but you're gonna feel way better so i started studying up on brain science transformational psychology then i started studying how the human body and brain works how to optimize it and now look at me i'm got my dream physique i'm running a business around my passion to help ambitious men like you become the best possible version of themselves so look i don't want to talk your ear off but if you want to acquire the mind of a conqueror so that you successfully change your life and start feeling better about yourself i have a free book down there go ahead i'll teach you how to acquire the mind of a conqueror and we have a free challenge that'll help you implement this knowledge so if you're an ambitious man that's ready to take control of your life go ahead grab that free book sign up for that challenge and i'll see you inside


Adam Lucero is a total human optimization expert. He has spent years of his life studying how our ancestors lived, how humans have evolved and more importantly what foods and exercises will change you on a cellular level so that you feel, think, look & perform like a greek conqueror!


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