How I Got Stabbed In The Throat, Chest & Arm...

years ago I was stabbed in the arm, chest & throat.

The blade went extremely deep in my arm, punctured my lung and half way through my throat.

I was left on the floor to die...

But instead, I woke up 7 days later from an induced coma.

I was living off tubes. If you unplugged them, you unplugged my life.

And while I was grateful to be alive, it felt like I had lost all sense of who I was.

My legs forgot how to work. In fact, I couldn’t even stand up.

I had nerve damage in my tongue that prevented me from being able to talk (even after I wasn’t living off tubes)

I lost every ounce of muscle I had from years of weightlifting.

My energy was depleted. In fact, I’d have to nap halfway through eating a meal because I’d get so tired.

And on top of it, my brain couldn’t solve a simple equation like 11 x 11. It felt like my cognitive function was comparable to a 4 year old’s.

But the worst part was what happened to me mentally...

My confidence disappeared like a quarter in a magic show and my head was plagued with negative thoughts and self doubt.

I was left asking myself...

“Am I ever going to get back to a functional state where I feel good?”

“Am I ever going to be able to accomplish all the goals I have for myself?”

“Or am I destined for a life of mediocrity where my potential rots away with my ambitions?”

I spent the next few weeks contemplating these questions and ultimately I decided I wasn’t going to go down like this.

That’s when I started to research the secrets of evolution, biology & psychology that enabled me to build myself up again.

Simply put, I found ways to tap into how we are hardwired as a human to boost our mental alertness, energy, muscle gain, fat burn, productivity & happiness.

Now, fast forward 4 years and I can honestly say that I feel, look & think better than I ever have!

And on top of it, I’m living a life where i’m excited to wake up everyday because i’m doing what fills my heart up..

I get to help build other people up into the best possible version of themselves through the 7 day conqueror challenge!


Adam Lucero is a total human optimization expert. He has spent years of his life studying how our ancestors lived, how humans have evolved and more importantly what foods and exercises will change you on a cellular level so that you feel, think, look & perform like a greek conqueror!


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