Intermittent Fasting: How To Boost Energy And Mental Performance With IF

How much easier would it be for you to tackle you to-do list, errands & chores everyday

if you had the energy of a kid on a playground?

How much more productive would you be if you had the mental alertness of the guy in limitless?

And how would all this change in your life, affect how you feel about yourself?

Well, the good news is that there is just 1 simple thing that you need to do in order

to reap all these benefits.

And that thing is... intermittent fasting!

But look, before we go any further, I want to tell you why I know that intermittent fasting

will turbo boost the performance of your body & brain like a lamborghini.

When i was 21 years old I was stabbed in the throat, arm & chest with a chef knife, while

a movie theater.

I was left on the floor to die.

But instead, I woke up 7 days later from an induced coma.

I was living off tubes.

If you unplugged them, you unplugged my life.

And while i was grateful to be alive it felt like i lost all sense of who I was.

My energy was depleted like a laker in the summer.

In fact, I couldn’t even eat a meal because i’d get so tired that i’d have to nap

half way though.

I couldn’t joke around with my friends too much because my mind was constantly clouded

and doing a simple equation like 12x12 burnt through my mental fortitude.

It was almost like something wasn’t fully clicked in my brain or like it wasn’t firing

on all cylinders.

But even worse than that, my confidence disappeared like a quarter in a magic show and my head

was plagued with negative thoughts & self doubt.

I was left asking myself... am i ever going to get back to a normal state?

Where i feel good about myself or can even function like a normal human being?

Or am i destined for a life of mediocrity?

I spent the next few weeks contemplating this and ultimately i decided i wasn’t going

to go down like this.

That’s when I started studying the secrets of evolution, biology & psychology that enabled

me to build myself up again.

Simply put, I discovered how to forge boundless energy, unreal mental clarity and an elevated

mood where I simply took on life in a fun-loving attitude.

I applied all of this ancient wisdom to my life and the results were unreal.

Everyday I woke up I was more happy, confident & capable than the day before.

In fact, i got to a new level of energy and brain power that i had NEVER experienced before.

It was erupting out of me like a volcano!

And when I got to this point, my life simply came together because my brain and body enabled

me to be productive everyday instead of battling procrastination or low energy.

My social life grew because I was simply in a better mood instead of being grumpy and

irritable which no one likes to be around, you know?

Now, the reality is that i did apply more than intermittent fasting to my life, but

we’re going to start here because it doesn’t require a lot of input on your end and you’ll

get a lot of bang for buck.

I mean this 1 easy switch in your life will enable you to think more clearly and boost

your focus!

And not only that... it’s gonna help you trim fat effortlessly which will grant you

more energy.

Because think about it... imagine if you carried a 15 lb bowling ball for an entire day.

How much more energy would that require for you to simply walk around?

A lot more, right?

Well, carrying extra body fat is no different!

It requires more energy to do any physical task.

So right about now, you’re probably wondering... “how do I correctly do intermittent fasting

so that I get all these insane benefits?”

And it’s pretty simple.

Basically, you want to only eat or drink anything that isn’t water or coffee in an 8-10 hour

time frame.

Ideally, you want to shoot for an 8 hour gap.

For example what most people do, and what I do is, is skip breakfast don’t eat till


Then i’ll have my first meal which means my timer starts and that for the next 8 hours

until 7, i eat what i normally eat.

And that’s whats awesome about intermittent fasting, you aren’t switching up the foods

that you eat, all you’re doing is compressing your eating window to 8 hours.

Now, after 7pm, i don’t eat any food and i don’t drink anything that isn’t water

because that will break my fast and thus disrupt all my benefits.

Now, one thing i want to mention is that when you first start doing this, it might be a

mental game because your brain will likely trick you into thinking you’re hungry.

I mean when I first implemented intermittent fasting, I thought I was hungry around 8 because

i had the urge to eat but i got distracted for a few hours and that’s when i dawned

on me... i wasn’t actually hungry at 8 because i “forgot” that i was hungry.

The morale of the story is that you might have the urge to eat before or after your

8 hour time gap but what you want to do is just distract yourself or know that this is

just your mind trying to trick you.

But i promise you that if you do intermittent fasting for 1-2 weeks, you’ll feel more

clear headed, have more energy and vitality.

You’ll simply feel, look & think better.

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Adam Lucero is a total human optimization expert. He has spent years of his life studying how our ancestors lived, how humans have evolved and more importantly what foods and exercises will change you on a cellular level so that you feel, think, look & perform like a greek conqueror!


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