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    100% Natural Ingredients

    The New Era of Health supplements are derived from the most natural and potent ingredients in the world. These high quality fresh ingredients deliver nutrients effectively through your body, providing for a clean and powerful experience!

    Clinically Effective Dosage

    Tired of wasting money on supplements that bring you up quickly and make you crash? Us too... which is why our supplements are clinically dosed with the most natural and potent ingredients to consistently enhance your energy, mood & strength!

    Money Back Guarantee

    Have you heard the saying, “actions speak louder than words?” We have, which is why we put our money where our mouth is! We’re so confident that you will be blown away with our supplements, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t love your experience, simply email us for a FULL refund!


    "After I acquired the mind of a conqueror, I was a completely different person! I would get home from school, immediately finish my homework then go hit the gym. I no longer had that internal debate with myself whether or not I should do the things that would improve my life. I also noticed that I started to love myself more once that happened. And on top of it, I lost 11 lbs in 14 days!! I cannot thank Adam enough for helping me embark in my new life!"

    Daniel N.

    "I have been adding 5 lbs everyweek on squats, bench, overhead press, shrugs and bar bell row. And 10lbs on deadlift every week. Not to mention i've been melting fat at the same time!"

    Pra Y.

    "In just three weeks, I've gone down 2 belt sizes which is pretty impressive going to the gym three times a week."

    Luis N.

    "I was struggling to gain muscle even though I was doing everything I heard. But after listening to what Adam told me, I finally broke through my plateau!"

    Joseph D.

    "Since working out like a conqueror, I’ve only been lifting weights 3x a week and I'm gaining muscle twice as fast!"

    Heyden W.

    Jean has gained more muscle, become happier and shifted his mindset from thinking small to thinking anything is possible!

    Jean-Marie S.

    "Everyday I have so much more energy in my professional and personal life, and I don’t plan on falling into a funk of unhealthy habits again. This program has walked me through a healthy lifestyle step by step and the difference in my life is night and day!"

    Jeff M.

    "Lean and powerful is all I can say my body has become. But the biggest difference was in my mood and energy levels! I now feel better than I ever have and I’m working towards my dream job!"

    Steven V.

    "Ever since I started caring about my body in a new loving way, I’ve turned around my life and am living with more energy and purpose than ever! Since becoming a Fulfilled Greek Conqueror I have gotten a promotion and have run a 4:13 mile! Now I feel that I’m living up to more of my body and minds potential and can’t wait for the future to unfold."

    Nick W.

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    Adam Lucero is a total human optimization expert. He has spent years of his life studying how our ancestors lived, how humans have evolved and more importantly what foods and exercises will change you on a cellular level so that you feel, think, look & perform like a greek conqueror!


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